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South Island

Ok so after leaving Auckland Kelly, my sis and I headed down to Lake Taupo where we camped for a few days. From hear we parted ways with Linnie again and headed to the south island. After a middle of night ferry and a night long drive down the east coast we are finally stationed in Queenstown for the next week. I really like it down here its beautiful and its a perfect little ski town. Unfortunately you must all enjoy this lot of pictures because I have exceeded my memory for this blog so until I figure something out this is it for pictures. So ENJOY!!


Huka Falls Rapids

This country has some of the most amazing rainbows ever!

Kelly's Photography Masterpiece

Up close and personal with the seals.

Lake Tekapo

East Coast Sunrise

Snowy Queenstown!!

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Go ALL BLacks!!

NZ 42 France 11

Last night in Auckland took a visit to the Eden Stadium to see the All Blacks murder the French in a slightly more interesting than i thought game of rugby. Hope you enjoy the pictures!!

Me and the Sis!!

Stadium Shot


Typical Game Picture!

Action Shot

Great Picture!!

Ka Mate Ka Mate!!

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On the Road AGainnn!!

The Northland..

After a long and tiring seven weeks work in the Kiwi packhouse in KeriKeri it is finally time to see the sights of New Zealand. We made a nice little home in KeriKeri and met some great people who I hope to keep in touch with.

The KeriFresh Packhouse Crew

Hard at Work!!

After leaving KeriKeri we headed north up to Cape Reinga. On the west coast of the cape is the Ninety mile Beach which we wanted to adventure on with Baby(thats our campervan) but between the rising tides, quicksand, wildhorses, and the fact that Baby doesnt have four wheel drive we decided against it. Further north we made it all the way to the "end of the world", which is home of the AA sign, the cape reinga lighthouse, and the famous pohutukawa tree that marks "land's end" at the northern most tip of New Zealand. Cape Reinga is located at the meeting place of two oceans - the Pacific Ocean and the Tasman Sea. As you look out you can see the turbulent waters at the exact point the two oceans meet.

It is believed that after death, Maori spirits travel up Ninety Mile Beach to Cape Reinga. Using seaweed as ropes, they travel down the hill to the pohutukawa tree, believed to be over 800 years old, at the northernmost tip of the Cape. The spirits make their final leap from the tree, down the roots, and then return to Hawaiiki, the ancestral homeland of Maori.

'The end of the World'

Where to next??

After leaving the Cape we heading a few kilometers south to the Te Paki sand dunes. This place definitely gives you a feel of desert life because it was one massive sand dune after another. However for just being a large pile of sand they created some great memories and some even better laughs.

On top of the World!!

I'm still recovering from the landing....

Hope you enjoy the pictures and everything, keep checking the blog in the next few weeks because I am going to be updating it quite frequently now that I am on the road again. Miss everyone loads!!

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Even though the past three weeks spent in KeriKeri have been completely about working 12 hours days and saving money to travel the south island and thailand, Kelly and I have still managed to find a few hours here and there to see what the northern part of this country has to offer. Work is long and tiring but it goes by alittle bit faster now that I work for the documenting department and not on the actual assembly line. As for the countryside here are a few pictures of the land around this part of country.

Haruru Falls. check out the rainbow I caught on the camera, bottom left of picture!!

Rainbow Falls

Rainbow Falls behind the treeline

This was our backyard for the first week in KeriKeri.

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I <3 Kiwi Fruit!!

Ok so its back to work again but this time instead of slaving away in the fields I am stuck in an assembly line packing Kiwi fruit. After hanging in Auckland for a few days after Kelly arrived we took off for the Bay of Islands (which is located in the northern part of the northern island haha) in search of some work. We found ourselves a pretty steady fruit packing shed job and a nice home right next to a river. Be sure to check your local supermarkets for Kiwis the next time your there, if they have a Zespri label then there is a pretty good chance it was packed where I work.
Quick Fact: New Zealand controls 28% of world trade in kiwifruit through Zespri, but is the second largest production country, after Italy.

I'll be sure to get some great pics of me in my work attire (which is an apron and hair net haha). If any of you can remember that I love Lucy episode where she works the assembly line and it goes rapid speed on her, well thats how i feel alllll day long. I get up before its light and return home after dark thanks to 12 hours shifts haha. OK well wish me luck for the next few weeks and I'll be sure to update as soon as something exciting happens. Miss you all!

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