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Cape Tribulation

Moving North...

Ok so unfortunately Lexie has left us and is traveling south for a bit before heading home for the holidays. Lex you will be missed by all!! So Tom, Kelly, and I headed up north to Cape Tribulation where we experienced exotic forms of widelife and beautiful rainforests. Not much to write just figured I would put a bunch of pictures up for all to enjoy. Currently we are in Cairns for about a week. I am however looking forward to my 3000 Kilometer drive down the coast to Sydney for Christmas...it should be quite interesting..
Just taking a stroll to find a not existing creek to swim in!!

For some reason they tell you not to swim in these waters?!?!?

nice shot of the walk to the beach

Cape Tribulation Beach

Again I miss you all and hope you have a wonderful holiday!!

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Better Late than Never

sunny 35 °C

Ok so here it is my official travel blog...i figured this is better than trying to keep in touch through a million different emails...plus all you computer nerds can spend the days following my adventure through australia.

This was our First Mate on our Sailing Trip to Whitsundays.

Today is the 1st of december and basically up until this point I have been having the most amazing time of my life.. It all began in Sydney and that lasted about two days before Lex and I made the treck up to Byron Bay, this is where the jet lag finally wore off and the real party began. Thanks to Lexie's antics on stage at Cheeky Monkeys bar we meet some cool lads who we began our northward route up the east coast with. We made stops in Surfers Paradise (during Indy Weekend), Noosa Heads, Redcliffe(where i swear we almost died), Rainbow Beach(which if your not doing fraser island DONT GO), hervey bay, and finally up to my current point of Airlie Beach.

The Wildlife is absolutely amazing in Australia, this is just one of the baby kangaroos we got to feed bottles to.

I have been trying the whole work thing but I am having too much fun to be pinned down in one place..so I do anything from a day of work at one job to a maximun of two weeks before I move on to my next adventure. So far I have experienced housekeeping work(which i decided i was too educated for, thanks mom), working on sailboats(which I loved but it wasnt enough funds for all my future plans), and tomato picking(which is hard work but quick cash and I guess it didnt help that Kelly and I stopped showing up after about a week and a half haha).
This is where Kelly and I ended up while the others were slaving away in the Tomato fields hehe

Airlie Beach Waterfront

If you asked me what I would be doing after a graduate a few years ago I probably would have answered with working on Wall Street but now i realized thats a boring answer anyways. But I will say I bet no one guessed i be picking tomatoes on a farm out in the fields wearing a straw hat. Now that farm work is over we have found ourselves back in Airlie beach for another go around. I think that gives everyone the basic go around for my trip so far. Wish I could add all my stories but then Id probably be banned from the site all together so I will keep it G-rated for all those out there underage or overage!!

P.S. Happy Belated Thanksgiving!!! Miss everyone so much.

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