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So after one week of being back on the road and back in civilization its like I never left. This past week I have spent in a small beach suburb of Melbourne called St. Kilda. Its a small little town with palm trees, dutch bakeries, and little coffee shops everywhere.

Melbourne harbor at sunset

Just another sunset picture

Oh yeah and I had the pleasure of hanging out with lizzie, rachel, and jess as they flew in from sydney for the weekend. It was so nice to have alittle bit of home but at the same time it makes me realize how much I miss some of you back home.

Great Picture with some of my fellow farm workers from Griffith!!

Tomorrow Kelly and I head off to see the Great Ocean Road. We hired a campervan and plan on spending the next two weeks stopping everywhere from melbourne to adelaide. I will update with pictures of everything as soon as possible.

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On the Road Again...

Its about time dont you thinkkk!

Ok so after a long hard month of slave labor it is finally time to set off and let the adventures begin. In two days Kelly and I are leaving this dreadful little town of griffith and making our way back to civilization in the direction of melbourne.

Although this experience has been both mentally and physically tiring, I must say its been a real eye opener. It one of those things that seems so awful when its actually happening but looking back it gives me a good laugh. Slave labor really makes you appreciate every dollar earned. There is not much besides work and sleep in griffith but I must say I met some great people who I will never forget and will always be part of this bitter sweet experience.

I will update this page with some pictures of the housemates and some of my hair catastrophe. The mishap left me orange and my fix up has left me borderline brown and jet black (i still do a double take in the mirror everytime). Oh well as tom once said 'cie la vie'.

21 Kookora Street

Sunrise on the Fields

P.S. Happy Valentine's Day (even though I have never been a big fan of this hallmark money maker holiday)

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Hitting the Harvest Trail

Ok so week 1 is over and Kelly and I have managed to work a solid 8 days straight in the fields. No complaints though cause today we moved into a cute little house that will be known as a home for the next month. After spending our last dollars on a train ticket to this remote little town of pretty much nothing, we found ourselves falling on a pot of gold. A strange man we met at the bus stop is now our boss, his name is Cesar, and for some reason he really likes kelly and I so he basically runs his business around us two. He is even going to employ me as an illegal immigrant after my working visa expires at the beginning of february.

living room


the new "Muff"...sorry boys you've been replaced, that what you get for selling the old girl.

As I have always been told a little hard work never killed anyone and for the first time ever I am beginning to realize this is true. As for everyone at home, I miss you all and will see you all soon enough.

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New Years 2007!!

To start I want to wish everyone a very happppppy new years. After a low key christmas with some great friends, the crew and I headed off to the heart of sydney for the new year. This new years was hands down the best one of my life. It began at 9 am as the boys headed into town to reserve a front row spot on the lawn with the darling harbour bridge and sydney opera house in perfect view. Downtown sydney was absolute madness as 1.2 million projected people flooded the city. Sydney is known as the second largest new years celebration behind rio de janero and the second major city in the world to celebrate the new year behind Aukland, NZ (thanks for that tid bit Nick). After a long day of chilling on the lawn with a perfect view of the harbour kelly, brock, nick, tom and I watched the first set of fireworks take over the sky and light up the night.

the fireworks off the sydney harbour bridge

dont know who that weird guy is but if you look past him you can see the entire harbour lit up for the new year

New Years 2007!!!!!

Afterwards Nick and I headed deeper into the crowds of people searching for excitement. I will tell you this I have never experienced anything quiet like this. Being that i am a small town gal and not much of a fan of big cities, to see so many people from everywhere around the world on such similar terms living life and celebrating the new year really makes you realize how lucky we are all to be alive and bring in a brand new year!!! There is no way to explain the energy that was being passed through the streets of sydney that day so I wont even try to put it into words. After Nick and I spent about half an hour crawling through bushes and dark alley ways we made our way up to the best seat in the house. I climbed my way up a fence and watched the best fireworks display ever from a birds eye view of the crowd. Fireworks surrounding the 10,000 people on the street and I from all directions, from on top of the harbour bridge to behind the opera house to even the sykscrapers the fell behind us. Later that night Kelly, Nick and I wandered the streets of sydney full of energy and new years love. We sang along with a street performer and danced in a shopping center, things that will forever and always be held in my memories as New Years 2007!! I will say though that I am very lucky for all the people i have met along my travels thus far and without them I dont think I would have made it through the holidays. I miss everyone at home so much and wish you could have all be here experiencing all this. Tomorrow morning at 6 am I board a train with not much guaranteed but a hope to get some harvest work once again, in a small town called Griffith. Its going to be a rough few weeks considering I am scrapping the bottom of the barrel right now and still have so much I want to do in the future. So in other words wish me luck in all my endeavors and hope that I find some work. For all those who may worry DONT because it wouldnt be worth it if there wasnt alittle struggle along the way. I wish the best of luck for everyone in the year to come and hope that you keep with all your new years resolutions.

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Heading South

Ok so after Cape Trib we headed down to Cairns. The weather is out of control hot and yes I am as tan as someone my color can get(but thats not me bragging or anything). Up in Cairns Kelly and I had quite a few adventures. We attempted to get to a small rainforest town but the hill on the way up was just too much for Muff(thats the name of the Van that I have been living out of for almost a month now). So after sitting on the side of the highway looking like fools for about two hours we decided to take the easy way and head back down the hill saving our day trip to Kuranda for another day. In Cairns I also went out on a day trip to the Great Barrier Reef where my intial intention was to sunbath and maybe go for a snorkel while Kelly did some scuba dives. However I was coaxed into doing an introductory scuba dive. It was amazing, it was a completely different ocean experience than anything else I have ever done.

Currently I am writing to you from Byron Bay which is our final stop along our 3000 Kilometer drive down the east coast in hopes of making it to Sydney for Christmas. We made it pretty far in the first two days of driving but it wasnt pretty. Hope all is well on the home front. Happy Holidays to All!!!

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