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Oz Slideshow!!

This past friday I parted ways with Lins as she headed to the south island for her spring break, but on Saturday I reunited with my travel buddy. After reminiscing about our time spent in Australia we put together a small slideshow of our pictures of all the good times and some of the people we have met along the way.

Hope you All Enjoy!!!!!

Make sure to turn your volume up as there is a song that goes along with it!!

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Piha Beach

After a few pretty low key days in Auckland Linnie and I decided to head of for the beach this afternoon. We headed to a place called Piha Beach. Unfortunately I sat out the surf session due to a lousy sinus cold thats been bugging me since I arrived here. However that didnt stop little linsday from charging the line up hard, and it gave me sometime to walk around the beautiful beach and take some great pictures. I'm finding it harder and harder to try and explain the beauty that New Zealand encompasses in its land but i guess that is why someone invented the camera. So everyone enjoy and be jealous!!

Piha Beach Lookout

Fisherman on Lion's Rock

Piha Beach

Cliff along the shoreline

Lindsay's favorite graffiti from downtown Auckland

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New Zealand...

First weekend Getaway!

Ok so arrived on thursday evening to slightly poor conditions. It rained my first twenty four hours in the country but I did not let that dwindle my thirst for new excitement. After a fabulous dinner on the harbour with my sis exchanging stories of our travels and catching up for all the time spent apart. We headed off on friday in search of some surf. We spent the first night at this place called goat island which is famous for its reef and marine life, more well known for the diving cultlure rather than the surf culture. Saturday morning we headed north again to a small town called Waipu Cove. And yes we stumbled upon some warm sunny weather and some good swell to go along with it. Surfed all day separating the two sessions with a small break for lunch. Spent the night in the small town getting accustomed to my new mobile home, campervan #3 of my journey. Just arrived back into Auckland which I have decided is rated in my top three cities in the world. Everything over here is just so green and the plants are so full of life. A mild comparison to my time spent in the Outback of Australia where brown seems to be natures color of choice. Here are a few pics from the weekend with many more on the way. Hope you all enjoy!!

Goat Island

Lookout Point

Waipu Cove

Cool Pic..

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The End of One Journey is just the Beginning of an Another!

Tomorrow is a mystery. The only thing we can do is face it with resolve. We move forward, always forward and into what's next. We make a choice. We act on that choice. And all that's left is to live and hope.

[i]Purple sky seems to mesmerize
As light fills my eyes
Just the beginning of another day
Just not in the same way
Don't think about what you could've done
Cause tommorow is gonna come
It'll hit ya, dare I near say
It feels like yesterday

Differently the same

Make a mark but don't make it deep
Just in case you climb too steep
Don't forget about what you said
Don't wait too long before tommorows dead
Something tells me theres more to see
I don't know maybe its just me
Could be you, could be me
I don't know I just let it be[/i]

Here I am back in Sydney again but this time is different from all the rest because tomorrow I depart from the land down under never to return again. As i sit here in front of my computer browsing through my thousand and some pictures my eyes began to fill up a bit. I look back at the past six months and try to remember all those little details that I say I'll never forget but at the end of the day its still one big blur. I will be sad to leave OZ tomorrow but I must remember that the time spent here has been some of the most amazing times of my life. Tomorrow however is more than just an arrival to New Zealand but I get to see my dear sister. It has been way too long and my heart fills with joy to think that in less than 24 hrs I will be sitting at dinner with one of my favorite people in the world. Miss you all!!

“I see my path, but I don't know where it leads. Not knowing where I'm going is what inspires me to travel it.”

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The Great Ocean Road

Ok so for the past two weeks I have been travelling the Great Ocean Road. We made stops at pretty much every town along the way some worth the while and some not. There were definitely a few along the way that I believe should not even be considered real towns consisiting of a few houses(one of which was the town cafe), a farm, and a view lookout point. There isnt much to say about the two weeks that the pictures wont show you but I'll attempt anyways. Our first stop was Tourquay which is home to the famous Bells Beach (for those of you that Bells Beach doesnt ring a bell, try and remember the final scene in the movie Point Break). The first day we rented boards and my three students tried their luck at surfing. overall is was a successful experience, if you count out Kelly rolling her ankle in knee deep water, Christoph catching a man cold, and Per thinking he has become Kelly Slater(World's Greates Surfer) after one hour. AFter Tourquay we headed further west to a few different small towns. In Apollo Bay we parted ways with the boys as they began the Great Ocean Walk. This walk is a 91k walk that is recommended to be done in 8 Days with a tour guide. Our boys decided to attempt this great ocean walk in three days. Well...three days later and one night in a hostel we met back up them just about 20 kilometers short of the finish. After that we followed the basic tourist route and visited the 12 Apostles, London Bridge, Loch Ard Gorge. We even made our way to a folk music festival in a small town called Port Fairy. The next plan is to bum around Melbourne (if we can find accomodation) for a few days because Formula 1 comes to town. After that its back to sydney for another go around before heading off to New Zealand. Keep in touch all....miss everyone loadssss!!!!

Bells Beach

Bells Beach Cliff

Sunset Over the Mountains

Morning Sunrise...yes this is what I wake up to every morning, the luxuries of having what you could call a mobile home a.k.a. our campervan

12 Apostles

The London Bridge

Loch Ard Gorge

The Beginning of the 91K Great Ocean Walk.

Erskine Waterfall

Lunch Break for some of the hikers along the Great Ocean Walk. Nice View Huh!!

The Gables Lookout Point

Shipwreck anchor.

Home Sweet Home!!!

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